A couple with relationship issues

5 Major Relationship Problems And How To Overcome Them

A couple with relationship issues



There is a common saying that money is the wheel of evangelism and it is also very evident that money solves a lot of problems. In the current situation of Nigeria, it is seen that one with money is king and one without money is not even given any form of recognition. The same goes for relationships today. When people, ladies most especially, are asked what their preferences in guys or their prerequisites in choosing a partner is, one of the qualities at the top of the list is he has to be boxed up at least to an extent. This goes to show that money is very essential in relationships. No matter the financial status of a relationship, if the finances hit a rock in the relationship, it affects the way things are. Complaints begin to arise, misunderstandings become more frequent, and relationships crash and burn over time.


Everyone has sexual fantasies; what they want from sex, how much they want to enjoy sex, things they want to try in their sexual relationships and how much intimacy and connection they want to feel with their sex partners. When these expectations are not met, there tend to be sexual frustrations and the partner begins to feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. If not properly addressed, this could push the partner in question to have an affair, become dependent on getting satisfied with a sex toy, slowly replace the partner with it, and leave the partner with a sense of unhappiness and emptiness.


A core value people need in going far in life is trust, faith and confidence in each other. To be trusted, transparency, diligence and honesty are qualities to be exhibited. Between partners, building trust is highly needed because without trust, there would be no relationship at all as both partners would doubt every move the partner makes, become self-dependent due to the fear of being let down by the partner and thereby, keeping secrets till both partners becomes strangers in the relationship. When that happens, it takes extra effort for the relationship to survive.

Setting Priorities

At the early stage of a relationship, the partner seems to become the most important person and the utmost priority of the spouse. Over time, the spouse gets used to having the partner around and might unconsciously begin to make other things his or her priority. When that happens, it becomes a problem for both partners. Excuses such as ‘I met my mom way before I met you so you do not have a right to complain’, ‘my job is my life so closing this deal is important, ‘I want to focus on my career then I can have them for you’ and many more excuses becomes the routine line and excuses the spouse gives to the partner


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This applies to both parties in the relationship. Cheating in a relationship does not apply only to the sexual aspect alone. It also applies to making decisions that the spouse knows would affect both parties, discussing important issues about the relationship with an outsider, enjoying the company of another woman or man more than the spouse enjoys his or her partner’s company and cyber-sex can also be categorized as cheating. The essence of being in a relationship is to have been a companion, confidant, and partner in every sense of it; sex included. When this purpose is not achieved, the commitment is not termed total and complete, which greatly affects relationships.


In solving money related issues;

  • Both partners should ensure that they have something tangible doing; that would bring money in
  • Both partners should spend wisely; focus on the wants, the needs can come after
  • The spouse should try to be more understanding of the times and be ready to give a push financially to the partner if he or she is not momentarily boxed up.
  • In a relationship where joint savings in not possible, a reasonable amount of money should be saved for the rainy day when the urgent need for money would arise.

 In solving sex issues;

  • Both partners should be open to trying new things sexually to keep things exciting
  • If medical help is needed, the affected spouse should see the doctor for treatment.

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  • Create more time to enjoy the intimacy of the relationship and explore each other’s bodies.
  • Both partners should endeavour to offer a word of encouragement or throw positive compliments at each other
  • The spouse should open up to the partner about what his or her sexual fantasies are and the partner should be ready to listen to them and give room for adjustments and try those fantasies.

In solving trust issues;

  • Acknowledge the fact that you do not just trust a person, trust is a step by step process and you build it daily.
  • When the spouse entrusts the partner with something, he/she should try to guard it jealously
  • When he/ she makes a plan with the partner, they both should follow through with it.
  • Honesty and transparency should become a norm for both parties in the relationship.
  • No one is above mistakes; however when they happen, make conscious efforts to correct the mistakes and if they are not correctable, ensure it does not repeat themselves.

In solving priority problems;

  • Both partners should not take each other for granted. They both should constantly remember that people can leave when things are not right.
  • Both partners should earn and maintain the respect they have for each other
  • Arrange priorities and discuss things together as partners in all aspects

In solving commitment issues;

  • Both partners should do things that they used to do at the early stage of the relationship, things that used to spice up and keep them attracted to each other.
  • Both partners should spend more time with each other, not just for sex but to discuss important matters that affect the relationship, affects personal lives and other areas of their lives.
  • Both partners should exhibit self-control in all areas, more specifically, sexually.

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