Blackhead removal

Clear Skin: How To Get Rid Of Blackheads on The Face

Blackhead removal

Blackheads are small bumps on the skin that are caused by clogged hair follicles. Blackheads appear on the face, neck, shoulder, back, chest etc, it occurs when the pore in the skin becomes plugged with dead cells and an oily protective substance called Sebum.

A blackhead is a form of acne but not pimples. Blackheads are caused by Age and hormonal changes, blackheads are mostly caused by puberty or when there is a change in the hormonal level it triggers the production of sebum, also an overproduction of skin cells in the body can cause blackheads.

Some other factors that can cause blackheads are heavy sweating, blocking or covering pores with cosmetics, shaving or any other activities that open your hair follicle. Health conditions like stress, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), medications encourage rapid skin cell turnover.

Do’s And Don’ts of Blackheads


1. Cleanse the face with special soaps and scrubs gently to exfoliate the skin.

2. Use non-comedogenic makeup and cosmetics products.

3. Rest well, avoid stress.

4. Eat well and healthy


1. Avoid squeezing the blackheads

2. Do not scrub the blackheads

3. Avoid oil-based cosmetics and makeup.

How To Prevent Blackheads

* Wash your face when you get up, before bed, and after sweating.

* Put non-abrasive cleaners on your skin gently, using your fingertips. Scrubbing with washcloths or sponges can irritate the skin.

* Use alcohol-free skin products.

* Avoid the sun since some acne medicine can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays.

* Shampoo oily hair regularly.

* Limit how many times you touch your face.

* Change pillowcases often.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

1. Use Salicylic Acid Cleanser

If you have blackhead, salicylic acid is the ingredient you need to get. Salicylic acid breaks down the materials (excess oil and dead skin cells) that clog the pores and increase the skin cell turnover.

It deeply penetrates the pores and oil glands to break up the sebum in the skin. Try using a cleanser that has Salicylic acid once a day.

2. Use Retinoid Cream

Retinoid cream helps in deep pore cleansing, it helps to regulate cells turnover and prevents the pores from getting congested. You can buy retinoid over the counter drugs from the …8mg website… or talk to a pharmacist to recommend for you.

3. Extraction

It may sound painful but it is also a good method to get rid of blackheads on the skin. Visit a dermatologist for your extraction of blackheads.

4. Use Clay Mask

It draws oil and toxin from the skin, which helps in unclogging the pores. Some clay mask contains sulfur. Sulfur is one ingredient that works to break down the dead skin cells that becomes blackheads, you should add a clay mask to your weekly skincare routine. Visit a dermatologist to give recommend the clay mask you need or check the 8mg website for some clay mask products.

5. Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is used for anti-ageing benefits such as age spots removal and fine lines. The chemical peel contains AHA or BHA which helps in exfoliating the skin. Chemical peels can possibly remove dead skin cells and shrink enlarged pores.

Speak to a dermatologist on how to go about the chemical peel, the procedure can unclog pores and start-up new skin growth.

6. Use Non-comedogenic Products

Non-comedogenic means that the product in question won’t cause comedones, or clogged pores. Not all products are non-comedogenic, so you’ll have to read labels carefully. Most non-comedogenic products don’t contain any oil and don’t block your pores. That lowers your risk of getting blackheads. Visit …8mg website… for over the counter non-comedogenic products or visit a dermatologist.

7. Don’t Sleep on Make Up

At the end of every day make sure you clean off your make-up, sleeping with your makeup on is the same as asking for more blackheads. Use a foamy cleanser to clean the makeup.

8. Avoid Home Extraction Methods

Because you have pore strips or have watched YouTube about blackheads extraction doesn’t mean you should do an extraction yourself. If you try it yourself, you might end up removing elements that can help your skin.

9. Use Skin Brush

A skin brush can help you get rid of the built-up debris that contributes to acne. It can also slow the signs of ageing. You should always rehydrate your skin after using a skin brush. There are different types of skin brushes, speak to a dermatologist about which skin brush works best for your skin and also explain how to use the skin brush, you can check out 8mg website for different kinds of skin brushes.

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