Easy 20 Health Tips & Personal Care Products For Ladies.


Drink a glass of water early every morning you wake up; You must have heard numerous times the unlimited benefits of taking water, especially first thing in the morning. We often sleep stressed and dehydrated, so rehydrating our body first thing in the morning boosts and calms our body system.


Practice gratitude and positivity; Researches has shown that gratitude and happiness have a direct relationship, so, no matter how terrible your day is, finding little things to be grateful for can significantly make a lot of difference. You can be more practical by having a gratitude journal to write those things that may not even seem to matter. Things like I’m grateful for the breath of life, for a beautiful family, for the roof above my head, for the food I eat, and others.


Use the correct skin product for your skin; skin products can vary depending on skin type. For example, a product containing salicylic acid or benzoic acid will suit acne-prone or oily skins. Glycolic moisture will do for dry skin, and a cleanser containing alpha hydroxyl acid will do for skin with melasma. This is in accordance with Dr. Ava Shamban, a dermatologist.

Use correct skin care for black ladies
Cream for Specific Skin Type


Avoid using different/many moistures at once; These can cause your skin to break, and your skin can be sensitive to it, causing a harsh effect. Also, avoid non-comedogenic products while buying make-up products; This is particularly important if you have oily skin.


Give to the community around you; The act of giving to the community around us can provide us solace and that mindset that we are part of something big, some change agents. The best way to lose ourselves is in the service of others. Volunteering can make us feel good about ourselves, knowing that someone somewhere lives happily because of you. It can also make other people feel good, so it is a mutualistic relationship. You can volunteer for a social project, donate to the less privileged if you have the ability, or even help a friend, etc.


Start your day on a pleasant note; See, ladies, how we begin a new day can impact how the rest of our day goes, and even the week. So, being intentional about this, like starting with positive energy, thought and even acting like eating something nice and healthy, meditating, or exercising, can make a big difference.

If you have read the 5 am club book by Robin Sharma, you must have heard about how significant the first 1 hour of your early morning day is, and that can accumulate as a compound effect in several years to make a turnaround effect in your life.


Have a mini dance party; Life can get so complicated and busy that we forget to enjoy it. You can, however, make minor changes, as small as organizing a mini party for yourself, initiating or attending hangouts with friends/colleagues, or even arranging a family dinner party every weekend. These small insignificant events can sometimes matter and make a difference in the quality of life, so enjoy.


Take some time to decompress each day; You can allocate as small as 5 to 10 minutes to offload and reboot, ranging from breathing in clean air, doing 1-minute meditation, or doing away with your phones and gadgets for 3 minutes, taking a shower, or a walk, or listening to a piece of music for 2 minutes. You can take this short break between work or after, and you will feel great about yourself.


Confront your negativity on paper; I know how challenging it is to face this every day; I’ve been there before, and trust me, it can get overwhelming. A standard method we use to overcome this is to avoid it, but a practical way to deal with that will be to write it out on paper, everything from the lies we tell ourselves, the negative words, the doubts, express it all on paper. This way, we can acknowledge that we feel this way and do something about it.


Taking a self-care trip; Hey ladies, when last did you go on a holiday/trip?. I guess it’s been a while, right?. I know. You don’t have to wait till it’s Christmas time, or even a birthday celebration before we arrange that trip to Miami, Paris, or just that beautiful place we’ve been dreaming of visiting, especially with our loved ones.


Reduce the intake of alcohol you drink or avoid it; There are thousands of diseases that have alcohol as a risk factor, from cardiovascular diseases to diseases that affect the gallbladder, reproductive system, etc. In addition, ladies have less alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, which helps break down the alcohol, and as they age, it decreases, making it more reason to deviate.


Keep your mouth healthy;  It’s no news any longer than the average time recommended for brushing teeth is at least twice a day, though the majority of us struggled to keep it at once. For ladies who eats all sorts of gums, sweets, candies, including drinks, especially soda ones, you might increase your chances of having dental caries, so before you sleep, ensure you wash your mouth, even if it is to use water only, especially if your mouth has been quite busy all day.


Prevent mosquito bites; These bites can get itchy, irritating, and disfigure the skin, aside from the significant illness it has the potential to cause, which is malaria. An excellent way to prevent or avoid this is to ensure no dirty water around you as it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A more affordable method is to get mosquito nets accessible in most places or get mosquito repellents. You can also wear light-colored clothing and limit your stay outdoors, especially when it’s getting late at night. You can also consider insecticide spray, which is quite effective as well.


Consume less salt and sugar; According to the WHO, the recommended salt intake for adults/day is 5g. The benefit of less salt is that it reduces one’s risk of high blood pressure, including heart attack and stroke. Similarly, the benefits of consuming less sugar range from decreased risk to diabetes, teeth decay, healthier weight, better skin, and sleep.


Take antibiotics only as prescribed; Many of us self-medicate and abuse drugs. We even go to such extent as diagnosing ourselves, deciding that we have a bacterial infection, when it may be otherwise. As a result, we tend to misuse these drugs, which results in antibiotic resistance. This develops because the bacteria changes, and the drug loses its effectiveness to combat it. In addition, some illnesses are meant to be treated with a more specific antibiotic after a culture study has been carried out. Still, most of us go to the nearby pharmacy to get over-the-counter ones, which are primarily broad-spectrum (that is, generalized ones).


Get vaccinated; Vaccination helps reduce the risk or prevent us from getting certain diseases. This can help with disease prevention and management. There are specific vaccines for a particular age group/developmental stages ranging from tetanus, influenza, HPV, Hepatitis A and B, chickenpox, BCG, meningococcal, etc. Talk to your healthcare provider about the important ones you need to take, especially during pregnancy, teenage years, and for your children as well.


Cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing; Observing basic cough etiquette can help prevent the spread of droplets, consequently limiting diseases, especially respiratory illness-related associated with bacteria and viruses such as flu, influenza, and even covid-19. For example, you can use a tissue or sneeze into your elbow. In addition, wash your hands frequently.


Prepare your food safely;  A rule of thumb is to wash your hands, including any raw ingredients, and rinse utensils despite being clean before using. Ensure the environment is clean, cover your food as necessary, check labels, and cook food properly.


Practice exclusive and optimal breastfeeding; The WHO guidelines state that a baby should be given breastmilk only for the first six months. After that, breast milk and other complementary foods can be delivered together. The breastfeeding advantage isn’t only for the baby but also the mother. It reduces the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, urinary tract infections and promotes faster weight loss after birth.


Practice kegel exercises; It can strengthen the abdominal, bladder, pelvic floor, and uterus muscles firmer and tighter. All this can improve your sexual health and reduce urine/fecal incontinence.

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