Face Masks

Face masks are loose-fitting masks that cover the nose and mouth; it has ear loops or ties, or bands at the back of the head.

Facemasks are protective devices covering a part of the face. Facemask is designed to protect both the person who wears them and the immediate environment. If someone is ill, a face mask can reduce the germs that the user releases and protect other people from becoming sick. Face masks are used to prevent the breathing in of respiratory poison or bacterial/viral pathogenic organisms.


We have different types of face masks, which are stated below.


Cloth masks are made from different types of fabric. A proper cloth mask must cover your nose, mouth, and chin to avoid leaks; they use multiple layers of tightly woven breathable fabrics to make it.

NOTE: Do not use a single-layer fabric to make a face mask. Make sure you wash the material immediately after use and sundry.


Disposable procedure masks are available everywhere. They are sometimes referred to as surgical masks or medical procedure masks. It has nose wire multiple layers of non-woven material, covering the nose, mouth, and chin.

NOTE: Dispose of it immediately after use, do not wash it, and do not wear it when wet.

N95 Respirator mask

It is designed to achieve a very close facial fit, and it filters airborne particles. The edge of the N95 is designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth.

NOTE: N95 is not designed for children or people with facial hairs. N95 is a single-use nose mask, so you must dispose of it after first use. Do not use N95 exhalation valves when sterile conditions are needed.


· Clean your hand with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching the mask.

· Make sure you remove the mask from the park and check if there is no tear or holes in it.

· Pinch the stiff edge to the shape of your nose.

· Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin.


· Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching the mask, avoid touching the front of the mask, only touch the loop

· Face Mask with Earloops: Hold both ear loops and gently lift and remove the mask.

· Face Mask with Bands: Lift the bottom strap over your head first, then pull the top strap over your head.

· Throw the mask in the trash and clean hands with sanitizer or wash with soap and water.


· Find a suitable nose mask for children, do not use the adult mask.

· Do not use scarves as a face mask.

· Avoid frequent touching of the mask and their face.

· Limit sucking, drooling, or having excess saliva on the mask.


Keep away from sharp objects and dust.

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