How a body growth led to surgery – 8MG Experience Pod.

How are you feeling now?

I am feeling good, feeling fine. I don’t feel the pain as much anymore, but sometimes at night, my chest hurts, and I feel the muscle pulling from my chest.

What was the name of the disease?
Sebaceous Cyst

That’s a big name o 

Yes o, I didn’t know what it was

How did it start?

It all started as a growth o, normal growth we see in our bodies, it was on my chest, and I peeled it off carelessly; blood came out of it, I cleaned it off, and that’s how it all started. Months later, the area was swelling up, and it was bringing out puss, which was smelling that got me scared. I kept cleaning it off until I had a pain attack one night. The pain was so much, and I bleeding more than before, socked the entire cotton. 

Didn’t you tell anyone?

Yes, that was when I told my mom; she took me to a hospital, no – a pharmacy. So they gave me a cream to rub on the area on my chest. I don’t even know what it was for, but I keep rubbing, but it wasn’t doing anything until my mom said enough is enough. So we went to the hospital. Some said it was lump others said it was a tumour.

What did the doctors say?

Guy, they were just reprimanding me, you know how some doctors can be – they asked why it took me three years to see them, telling me how this could have taken my life if it wasn’t removed on time. So I did the surgery, omo it was a painful procedure, and even the months that followed were even more painful because they had to remove the stitch and clean the wound and treat it again – you were there na.

Yes, I remember you taking the day off from work when you visit the clinic cause of the stress and pain you felt.

So is the pain gone now, the lump and all?

Yes, thank God, it’s gone, it did leave a scar, but they gave me a gel in the hospital to apply on the scar for it to fold away. But I sometimes feel pain in my chest, especially when I get stressed, so I try to take it easy on myself.

What is your advice to young women that might be going through something similar?

Well, I’ll advise young women to be strong and not take their routine checkups for granted. Tough times don’t last you know, thanks.

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