How I battled with Sickle Cell, Asthma and Kidney Disorder.

What’s your name?
Hmm, I would like my name to be anonymous.

Okay, I understand; I want you to be comfortable enough.

Thank you.

What’s your current diagnosis

Right now, I have Sickle Cell, Asthma and Kidney Disorder.

Wow, Okay-how, has your Sickle Cell journey been so far?

Oh, quite challenging, tough actually, but recently, I have been doing well, taking my drugs, and right I am solemnly sticking to my drugs despite the pain I have felt before an attack or even after.

Hmm, why?

Majorly because I found out that I can do without them.

How has the relationship been between your sickle cell journey and your mental health?

Well, the primary thing is the crisis, right? Cause you know once you have a crisis, you’ll be admitted to the hospital; it’s a given. And people will talk about it, and many stereotypes will be made, and I get very uncomfortable, which affects my mental health mainly because of what people say.

How’s your Sickle Cell support system?

Funny enough – They are dealing with it very well, introducing natural remedies, eating good food and I much quantity compared to what I used to eat and they really try their best to treat me. When I have a crisis, they take me to their doctors or mine without any questions.

You said you have Asthma? How do you deal with Sickle Cell and Asthma?

Sometimes they contraindicate; what I mean by this is that they both happen simultaneously, or one triggers the other; when I have a sickle cell crisis and try to stay alive from the crisis; I will be dealing with both. So I never miss my clinics because of this.


Yes, currently, I have sickle cell, asthma and antenatal clinic, and so far, I have done two procedures to correct the kidney. The last procedure worked like 70% because there was a reduction in pain and swelling, and I think everything is correcting well because of the baby.

Ah, so it seems the rumours about being pregnant and delivering do change many things in the body are true.

It’s actually true o I had an injury on my legs due to the injections I’ve been injecting on it, and it wasn’t healing for a while, but then after I got pregnant, I have been healing so fine.

Is there a memorable crisis that you’d like to share?

Ahh. Yes, I have one; There was one time I had a crisis and went into a coma, and when I woke up, they told me I was in the coma for two weeks. I was surprised cause it felt like two days at tops to me, and another thing that made that day memorable was that there was only one person by my side throughout everything in the two weeks, making me sad.

I have found out that; I hate being alone; it makes me feel the pain more. I get scared that I will die, but when I have people with me, I feel like I can handle everything.

What advice do you have for people suffering from Sickle Cell?

Stay positive, no matter how bad the pain gets and believe that if you’ve endured it for this long and you’re still alive, that means that the one coming in the future won’t be as bad. You can go through it and come out on the other side.

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