Ways to Boost Your Libido | Improve Intimacy: Increase Your Sex Drive At Full Motor Speed

Ways to Boost Your Libido | Improve Intimacy: Increase Your Sex Drive At Full Motor Speed

What is Libido

Libido is just another word for sexual desire or sex drive.

Your libido can be affected by a number of internal and environmental variables, ranging from hormone levels to medicines to sleeping patterns. Everyone’s libido is unique, however most people experience a drop in libido as they age.
Many new couples will have a lot of sex at first, which will subsequently diminish with time. A busy lifestyle, on the other hand, might leave some individuals too fatigued or preoccupied to even consider sex. You do not need to seek professional therapy unless you are concerned about your sex desire or it is causing difficulties between you and your spouse.

Fruits That Boost Libido

Here is a list of some foods high in these nutrients:

  • Watermelon
  • Figs
  • Cherries
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Ginger
  • Blueberries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Citrus fruits
  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Red wine
  • Tea (green, white, and black)
  • Pomegranate
  • Chili peppers (the hotter, the better)
  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Maca

How to Increase Male Libido

  • Consuming aphrodisiac fruits such as figs, bananas, or avocados.
  • Using supplements such as Libido Max, Steel Libido Caps For Men
  • Limiting alcohol consumption to one glass of wine each meal.
  • Getting more sleep.
  • Consultation with a medical practitioner who may advise testosterone treatment.

How To Be More Sexually Intimate With Your Boyfriend

Enthusiasm and Finding out what he likes

The body system is wired such that everything, from ego, confidence, body, mind, and other parts of everything humans possess, is interwoven. Showing the man’s great interest and excitement in sexual intimacy heightens the male senses. It boosts the arousal because he gets reassurance in the subconscious that he is desired by his partner, massages his ego that he still possesses what it takes to please his partner, and also gives a rush of adrenaline in his systems that is quite capable of making him cum hard when he remembers such during sex. Sexual touches during foreplay, during intercourse, and after show the woman’s enthusiasm towards her partner.

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Everyone has sexual fantasies. Find out what turns your partner on more than usual and begin to do them. It could be whispering of dirty little talks, playing dress-up as a seduction technique, the sexual position that turns him on the most. Most importantly, you keep an open mind to what he might say turn him on. He might be a feet fetish; it sounds weird to some, but it would hurt to try it out once in a while. Would it?

The build up

To make a man cum powerfully, building the tension is best. For instance, if a couple intends to have sex at night, the wife can build the tension by giving the husband a long lingering kiss that leaves him wanting more before work, sending one or two dirty texts to him at work telling him how much she wants him or give one or two descriptions of what she wants him to do or vice versa, drop him sticky notes in corners of the car or work bag where he would see them, and so on. Building the anticipation in him would have him wishing the day had ended and he would meet his wife already. When the foreplay sets in at the end of the day, do not rush into it. Practice enough foreplay that leaves the man full enough to feel like he wants to explore before moving on to the main deal.


Learn a technique to make him cum hard

Taking control of the flow to build up the tension when he can cum is essential. For example, if he doesn’t want to cum too early while the partner is giving a blow job, cease the blowjob at that moment of near climax and try lighter foreplays such as kissing to enable the force and rush of energy flowing to the penis to get sent to other parts of the body to prolong the moment. If the man takes longer to cum, trying sex toys for men such as cock rings can help to stimulate and enable him to cum harder. Also, trying new sexual moves and positions instead of routine sex can help prolong ejaculation.

The Release

Different actions can make a man cum during sex. Sometimes, they cum naturally; but a little push is often needed. Whispering sweet nothings during sex can induce a man’s orgasm; moaning and heavy breathing from the woman, also does it. Most men don’t like being told what to do, so reverse psychology could also work in this case. Telling a man not to cum could make him cum faster and harder than expected while proving the dominance of not taking orders from the woman.

Sex Questions Answered by Experts

Is it normal to pass gas (fart) during orgasm?

Answer– Unfortunately, yes. Research shows when you climax, the muscles around your genitals relax. Hence, it’s not unusual for a bit of gas to escape, says Millicent Comrie, M.D., founder and medical director of the Long Island College Centre for Women’s Health Brooklyn. But even before orgasm, the in-and-out motion of the penis and vagina may trigger gas because the penis rubs against the anus through the vaginal wall, she says.

Does Exercise Increase Sex Drive?

Answer- most definitely yes! An excellent cardiovascular routine helps build energy and stamina. In addition, strength training and stretching can help you build muscles and improve flexibility so you can get into – and maintain – various sex positions.

Is cybersex (Sexting) cheating?

Answer- Many people may not consider provocative emails called sexting to be cheating. After all, they reason; you’re only exchanging thoughts or fantasies, not bodily fluids or physical contact. But ask yourself: Would you want your partner to read your exchanges, and would he be hurt, angry, or resentful if he did? Are you bored with your sex life? Does your husband see you as a mom instead of a sex kitten? So don’t act out online. Rather, talk about it with your partner and expand your sex life together. Real sex beats the virtual kind any day.

Do Different Sex Positions Increase or Decrease Chances of Pregnancy? 

Answer– No. Regardless of what sexual position you use, vaginal sex can cause pregnancy. 

Can I Drink Alcohol With sex pills?

Answer- Yes; but, keep in mind that your erection may not be as firm when you drink alcohol, and the medication may not work as well.

Is There a Surgery That Can Increase the Size of My Penis?

Answer- Even an implanted penile prosthetic will not increase the size of your penis. If you are overweight, getting to your ideal body weight will help restore some of the lengths you have lost since gaining weight.

Is My Penis Average in Size Compared to Other Men?

Answer: This is a tricky question to answer, and many men wonder about it. There are many different techniques to measure penis length, including the clinician’s force to stretch the penis. Also, some men will see a significant change in penis length once it is erect. On the other hand, others will notice that their penis only becomes more rigid.

How Long Should My Erection Last During Sex?

Answer-The answer to this question is entirely different per person. There is not a standard time that all men should maintain an erection. For most men, the goal is to get an erection that is rigid enough for penetrative sex and lasts until both partners are satisfied.

What Is Considered Premature Ejaculation?

Answer– premature ejaculation is ejaculation that occurs sooner than desired, either before or shortly after penetration, causing distress to either one or both partners”.

Are Orgasms and Ejaculation Different?

Answer- Yes. Typically, an orgasm is a pleasure you experience while ejaculating. Men can have an orgasm without ejaculation. On the flip side, men can ejaculate before orgasm. It is also possible to have an orgasm and ejaculation without an erection.

Is a Curved Penis Normal?

Answer- Some men have a slightly curved penis that has lasted for quite some time. It is normal if it is not painful and does not bother you. If it is painful or bothers you, then make an appointment with a men’s health doctor. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and discuss your treatment options. If you notice a new curve to your penis that bothers you with either pain or appearance, contact us on 8mg. We can discuss the next steps. In addition, this curve can impact your erections, which is another element we can evaluate and treat.

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