Interesting Ways To Develop A Healthy Relationship With Your Spouse

Every day, we see people with long term marriages and relationships still waxing strong and appear very much in love. We Nigerians cannot help but say ‘awwww, God when’ when we see these people. The likes of Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs, Omotola Jolade and Captain Ekeinde, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and many more couples are perfect and relatable icons when it comes to holding long term relationships and still maintaining them. Keeping a healthy relationship is no child’s play because a relationship affects every aspect of life emotionally, physically, mentally, healthwise, and sometimes, financially.

How A Healthy Relationship Affects Different Aspects Of Life

Emotionally, having a healthy relationship strengthens the emotions of the spouse and sends a constant reassurance of being wanted, desired and loved, which enhances the self-esteem and confidence in such an individual.

Physically, the spouse plays a vital role in the physical composure of an individual by making checks and balances in the dressing and physical appearance of the spouse before heading out, throwing sexy remarks and good compliments, thereby boosting the spouse’s confidence. Even at the flashing of those comments in the spouse’s mind, a smile naturally spreads across the face. This goes to show the true meaning of the famous remark people make that says ‘it is her spouse’s handwork and care’ when they see others; women most especially.

Mentally and healthwise, emotional stability and healthy relationships give peace, calms the mind and give the spouses a sense of trust, safety and security in each other. It relieves stress gives happiness and peace of mind, thereby, lowering the chances of developing high blood pressure, hypertension, mental instability, among other illnesses.

It is general knowledge that money solves a lot of issues. Issues in relationships should not also be left out as money is needed to manage things and run things in the home, sort out needs and sometimes satisfy wants.

Tips On How To Develop A Healthy Relationship

No relationship is the same. What works for a might not work for B. However, relationship, communication, honesty, transparency, intimacy, patience, and love are needed. Besides the sexual kind of relationship, these attributes are also required in everyday life and connection with others. Written below are tips on how to develop a healthy relationship.\

  1. Communicate effectively. A vital key and driving point of a relationship is the communication aspect. Whether long-distance or short-distance relationships, a steady line of communication is needed. Do not trivialize things. Talk about all there is to be addressed, and routine checkups via communication can be done. Ask questions, listen attentively, understand points of view, create the time to communicate.

2. Develop trust and learn to be honest with your partner.

3. Acknowledge and get used to the fact that your partner cannot be a 100% perfect picture of the partner of your dreams. Be realistic. A measurable percentage can be seen in them. Change what you can and get used to what you cannot.

4. Take things at a controllable pace. Do not approach your relationship based on how you see others do theirs. Instead, do things your way and at your pace.

5. Learn to be yourself. When you are around your partner, learn to say things the way they are, do things properly and let your partner know you for who you are.

6. Balance things. Learn how to juggle your work schedule, relationship, family and all other things without making one suffer at the expense of the other.

7. Resolve conflicts and learn to forgive. No one is above mistakes and at different times, partners make mistakes or have arguments or conflicts. Calmly resolving disputes strengthens relationships and shows the level of maturity of partners in handling their relationship issues. When resolving conflicts, do not attack your partner verbally. Calmly express how you feel. Admit when you and wrong and apologize.

8. Be dependable and trustworthy. When your partner commits a task into your hands, follow through with it. When they make plans with you, do not foil the plan. To whom much is given, much is expected.

9. Be open to change, corrections and adjustments. Indeed, change may be uneasy, offsetting and disturbing. However, think of it from the perspective of it being for the greater good, and you will do just fine.

10. Learn to use these four statements as frequently as possible; I love you, thank you, please, and I am sorry. They go a long way in shaping things.

11.  Express how you feel about your partner in words and actions also. Words alone are not enough. Actions such as little kisses, helping out, warm hugs, cuddles and spending quality time together counts a lot.

12.  Appreciate your differences. As similar as identical twins may be, they do not see eye to eye on everything; they talk more of two individuals coming together from different backgrounds, beliefs and sometimes, cultures. Try to get accustomed to your differences and grow with your partner.

13.  Spend quality time together and explore the true meaning of intimacy. Intimacy is more than the sex, big achievement celebrations; intimacy is cooking your partner’s favourite meal as a surprise, easing your partner’s stress by giving petite massages and foot rubs, spending time cuddling and seeing each other’s favourite movie. The list of what intimacy is; goes on and on.

14. Take time to do periodical checks on your relationship. Identify areas where growth is needed, areas to tone down on, discover the new areas of interest of your partner and explore them, talk to your partner and make checks and balances on how things are going in the relationship.

15. Remain open to learning things that would spice up your sex life and keep your partner attracted to you. Enough of the routine sex. Read the Kama Sutra! Explore sexual positions and sexual actions you have not tried before.

16. Try to align your values. What partner A wants may not be what partner B wants concerning a particular topic. It could be as regards values, long term goals, dream homes and plans, number of children, career paths choices and many more things. The little things that matter and eventually build up to become massive issues that wreck relationships when they are not addressed.

17.  When making decisions, ensure you consider the other partner. Please think of how it will affect them in the long run and the status of your relationship

18.  Value your partner and hold them in high esteem.

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