Keep Your Family Safe: Family Stock Up For Covid-19 For 2022

The scale of influence of the COVID-19 infection across the globe was traumatic at first; however, our heart leaps for joy as recommendations and discoveries from sciences and technology as well as broadened concept in the area of health improvement has facilitated our ability to hugely reduce the impact it can create if given the room. Therefore, although the virus is still present amongst us, we can be glad that safety means are available to reduce the risk of infection in our relative vicinity.

Family is regarded as the basic unit of society; this portrays the relevance this unit of society has in our community and our individual lives. Concisely, every individual feels the bubble of love while being with one’s family. What then would be the fate of a family wrapped with love when a member or more is infected with the disease? This would undoubtedly bring about a sad turn for other members as the intention of possibly losing a loved one is never a notion. Instinctually, pronounced comes the importance of taking up steps for us to ensure the adequate protection of our family members against the infection of the virus. How can we go about this? Take a tour of the succeeding paragraphs to see how.

Members of a family are advised to be cautious and always watch out for COVID-19 symptoms in the home as well as around vicinities of wherever they might find ourselves, knowing we are going back home to meet our family members, this suggests that practical efforts are required of all members to be cautious and observant to avoid the possibility of spread of the virus; these symptoms can include cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscles aches, headaches, fatigue, sore throat, the new loss of taste or smell, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, high temperature (above 38℃) and other related symptoms, quite a bunch of these symptoms are uncommon, and when compared to adults, children and teenagers usually experience relatively milder symptoms. However, they can develop an unusual but severe lung infection that could require hospitalization or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), a life-threatening complication for the child. Therefore, it is indicatively expected that report should be made to the local health in one’s region (for Nigeria, the Nigeria Center for disease and control [NCDC]); if a member is suspected to be infected before that process; however that member should be placed on isolation without delay.

       Complementary to the above, family members are expected to follow or keep up with practices concerning coronavirus safety precautions. The precautions as recommended involves regularly washing the hands thoroughly to help reduce the presence of germs on us, sneezing into a bent elbow, wearing of clean mask often to cover the mouth and nose, especially when at crowded places, physical distancing as often as possible especially in a public arena. These precautions or measure becomes significant as they help to create a good defense line for batting the pandemic, even when at home, keeping the room well ventilated, disinfecting surfaces often are essential to reduce the risk of getting the virus infection; these practices are so indispensable at home most especially knowing well the fact that not all members of the family are vaccinated or would be vaccinated in any sooner time with an example of children ages under five years, who are not fit for vaccination. Instances like that should prompt the consistent application of flexible safety measures in the home.

Vaccination is another viable tool for enhancing the safety against COVID-19. This genuinely suggests that it is essential for members of the family who are older than five years of age to be vaccinated, as this comes off the essence in building the immune system to be fit for the SARS-COV-2 virus. Fundamentally, vaccines are created to help the body resist the virus’s infection. As for coronavirus, vaccines take about 14 days after vaccination to build immunity in the body; therefore, these vaccines can help prevent severe coronavirus diseases, hospitalization, and death. This being the focus, the family can be protected through vaccination, and this act helps to tame the chain of impact the virus could have on the individual, family, and community at large. In simple fact, the denotation here is that families need to encourage each member who is of the required age to get vaccinated in due time. When all family members are vaccinated, this makes the battle of fighting the virus relatively easier.

The risk of being infected by the virus becomes high when these recommendations are neglected or taken for granted as we go to various places every day of our lives, cumulatively birthing into social gatherings, events, and activities; this gets us exposed to the virus. Furthermore, if caution is thrown in the air, family members can fall victim to the virus infection with time. Therefore, families would be making a good decision should they compulsorily stock up the home with essentials for covid prevention. These essentials include sanitizers, nose masks or face gear, disinfectants, and a thermometer for temperature checks regularly as needed.

Efforts geared towards preventing the possibility of a member being infected with the virus are supposed to emit a positive vibe of working in union with other family members, which extends to diffusing more benefits to the community. However, we need to bear in mind that the safety of each of our family members is a considerable advantage to others for being in a safe state and health condition; however, if a member is exposed and gets infected with the virus, the likelihood of spread among other family members gets higher, hence for the reason why such a situation should ideally be avoided by making use of these essential products and practical recommendations from health experts. In line with that, stocking up the home with essential commodities like a facemask, sanitizer, soap, disinfectants, toiletries, as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs of this article, is a need the household should always ensure is consistently done till the battle at large is over.

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