Weekly update on Covid Cases in Nigeria and the world

Latest Weekly Update On Covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2 Cases In Nigeria

Weekly update on Covid Cases in Nigeria and the world

As the SARS-CoV-2 virus still takes a stride on the globe, with mutation and increase in transmissibility rate, the world still takes caution in the determination of an effective way to control the pandemic in a way to end its impact. Statistics of infected ones still keep counting in general as the world hopes for an almighty solution to curtailing the virus. The Nigeria centre for disease control (NCDC) has been making necessary updates regarding activities concerning the pandemic in the country.

The statistics for the week in Nigeria stand at a total of 253,978 confirmed cases, including 20,514 active patients and 230,323 discharged patients. The recorded number of death cases stands at 3,141 in the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory; as of February 12th 2022, 8 new cases were added to the previous figure leading to the above data for the week. Three states – Federal Capital Territory (FCT) had four victims, River had 3, and Kaduna had 1 case of an infected person. The figures represent the count from January 3rd 2020 to date, with one death. The country has tested a total of 4,177,940 samples so far.

 As of the weekend for the past week, the top 10 states leading the figure table include the following states in their order of ranks Lagos, Federal capital territory, Rivers, Kaduna, Plateau, Oyo, Edo, Ogun, Delta, and Ondo.

Weekly update on Covid Cases in Nigeria and the world

Lagos has a total number of confirmed cases of 98,646, with an actual active issue of 17,811; while her number of discharged cases is 80,066, 769 is the number of deaths recorded so far in the state.

Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has a record of 28,289 confirmed cases, 204 stands for current active cases in the territory, where the number of discharged stands at 27,837 with 248 deaths recorded so far.

Rivers state laboratory-confirmed cases are 16 503; her active cases stand at 56 so far, where a total of 16,293 have been discharged, with 154 deaths recorded in the state.

Kaduna state takes the following position with 11,203 confirmed cases, including active cases of 12; the discharged number is 11,103, and 88 patients are dead of the virus.

Next on the rank comes Plateau state having several of 10,234 laboratory-confirmed cases; she currently has no active case on ongoing but holds a death record of 75.

Oyo state’s confirmed cases amount to 10,234, having a discharged number of 9,929; there is currently a number of 73 active cases and a record of 202 deaths for ending the week.

Edo state takes the following position with 7,680 cases, having discharged a record of 7,351 patients and active topics of 8 and 321 deaths.

Next in position comes Ogun state, another southwest state. The state has a total of confirmed cases of 5,809, which includes a discharged number of 5,170 patients, 17 cases being actively treated, and 82 deaths in total.

Covid Cases in Nigeria and the world

The ninth position on the list of states is Delta state, in the country’s southeast region. Confirmed cases sum up to 5,339 cases, distributed into 17 active cases, 5,710 discharged patients and 111 recorded deaths.

 Ondo state makes the tenth position, with total laboratory-confirmed cases of 5,163. The state discharged a value of 4,694 patients, where it currently has 360 active cases and a total of 109 deaths as it stands for the week.

Report status to the World Health Organisation on the pandemic globally by different countries have been eye-catchy a statistic. As of February 12th 2022, the world reported 404,910,528 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections, including 5,783,776 deaths. The total amount of vaccination doses administered by countries worldwide summed up to 10,095,615,243 quantities.

 Analyzing the report about various continental regions in the battle against the pandemic, the breakdown shows that Europe has total confirmed cases of 162,107,334, which is the highest in compared to any continent; Americas (North and south) confirmed cases sum up to 141,992,745, south-East Asia pulls up a total of 54,027,970 cases, Eastern Mediterranean confirmed cases stand at 20,165,168, Western Pacific holds a total of 18,400,418 confirmed cases, and lastly, the continent of Africa has the lowest sum so far, with a total of 8,216,129 confirmed cases in the report.

In line with the report above, various top ten countries with a high spike of infections across the globe include the United States of America having a massive record of 76,649,746 of total cases; the country, however, recorded total confirmed cases of 903,924 on February 7th 2022. Next in position comes

India with confirmed cases of 42,536,137; the country had a record of 347,999 cases on February 7th 2022. Brazil following in position holds a total of 26,955,434 confirmed cases; the country had a record of 679,603 cases on February 7th, 2022.

France stays next in the ranking according to the total number of laboratory-confirmed cases; the country holds a total of 20,772,543 instances, giving a record of 731,863 cases on February 7th, 2022.

The United Kingdom in Europe ranks next to her neighbour with a total record of 18,162,203 cases; she reported 315,995 confirmed cases on February 7th 2022.

Russian Federation has a cumulative confirmed case of 13,731,794; she recorded on February 7th 2022 a total of 921,676 cases in addition to the previous figure amounting to the present figure.

Turkey comes next in the ranking with a cumulative total of 12,652,385 laboratory-confirmed cases; the country has a total record of 502,709 cases on February 7th, 2022.

Germany takes the next turn on the ranking with a cumulative case of 12,009,712 cases confirmed in labs; on February 7th 2022; the country made a total record of 987,122 confirmed cases.

Italy, another European country, comes next on the list with an entire record of 11,923,631 total confirmed cases while making a report of 38,838 confirmed cases on February 7th 2022.

The tenth country in ranking is Spain, which has 10,555,196 confirmed cases at the indicated date, making a report of 160,637 cases on February 7th 2022, increasing the figure to the current value as mentioned cumulatively for the European country.

Readers should bear in mind that the data are the values reported to the WHO as of February 7th, 2022 before the report of more values during the succeeding weeks to the indicated date, more data is expected to have been gathered in each respective country, and report update to the World health organization would be made in due course as usually done by the officials of the nations.

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