Mental Health: 10 Bipolar Quotes To Help You Through This Condition


When circumstances are challenging, it’s reassuring to know that others have gone through similar struggles and triumphed.

It’s instrumental in taking a moment and actively reflecting on your personality and feelings since it triggers difficult situations and instability, especially if you have bipolar disorder.

We Have Two Kinds of Bipolar; Bipolar 1 and 2

In bipolar 1,

One manic episode is required for the diagnosis of bipolar. However, before and after the manic period, you may have severe or hypomanic depressive outbreaks. People of both sexes are affected by this type of bipolar disease.

Symptoms of Bipolar 1

At least one bout of manic episodes lasting at least one week is required for bipolar I disorder diagnosis.

Symptoms that interfere with everyday activities

Symptoms that aren’t caused by another medical or mental health condition or from substance abuse. Psychosis symptoms, as well as Mania and depression, may be present. These signs and symptoms may have a more significant influence on your life. If you have them, you should get professional help right away.

In bipolar 2

One major depressive episode lasts at least two weeks in bipolar 2. This kind of bipolar disorder may be more common among women, according to a 2017study Trusted Source.

Your doctor can explain more about what kind of bipolar disorder you have when discussing your diagnosis.

Some people experience distinct mood symptoms that resemble but don’t align with these three types. If that’s the case for you, you might get a diagnosis of:

Bipolar 2 can also involve symptoms of psychosis, but only during an episode of depression. You could also experience mixed mood episodes, which means you’ll have symptoms of depression and hypomania at the same time.

With bipolar 2, though, you won’t experience Mania. Instead, if you have a manic episode, you’ll receive a diagnosis of bipolar I.

When you and your doctor talk about your diagnosis, your doctor can tell you more about the types of bipolar illness you have.

Some persons have mood symptoms similar to but not identical to these three kinds. If this is the case, you may be given the following diagnosis:

Bipolar 2 can also cause psychotic symptoms, but only during a depressive state. You can also have combined mood episodes, which means you’ll have sadness and hypomania symptoms at the same time.

On the other hand, Mania is not a symptom of bipolar 2. You’ll be diagnosed with bipolar I if you have a manic episode.

Here are Aspiring Quotes That Can Help You Through Difficult Times.

“A fighting spirit isn’t necessarily a roaring beast. It is often the calm voice at the end of each day saying, ‘I’ll give it another shot.'” 8MG Healthcare

“Every event in which you truly stop to look fear in the eyes – this gives you power, courage, and confidence.” 8MG Healthcare

“Don’t compare yourself to others; Your recovery from bipolar was a transition, not a one-time miracle” 8MG Healthcare

“Your disease is not you. You have a narrative to tell that is unique to you. You’ve got a name, a backstory, and a demeanour. Part of the battle is staying yourself.” 8MG Healthcare

“The shout of courage isn’t always present. Sometimes courage is the soft voice at the end of the day that says, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.'” 8MG Healthcare

“Those who care about you are not misled by your faults or the negative images of yourself” 8MG Healthcare

“When you’re beginning to feel awful, recall your beauty; when you’re broken, remember your wholeness; when you’re feeling guilty, remember your purity; and when you’re are confused, remember your purpose.” 8MG Healthcare

“Living well is a skill that can be cultivated: the joy of life and the ability to derive enormous pleasure from tiny gestures, as well as the assurance that the world owes you nothing and that every gift is just that: a gift.” 8MG Healthcare

“Always keep in mind that once the storm passes, you will have little recollection of how you made it through or survived” 8MG Healthcare

“There is always one thing that can be said with certainty. You won’t be the same person who stepped in when you emerge from the storm” 8MG Healthcare

“The bipolar condition does not mean you are damaged; rather, it implies you are strong and courageous for fighting your thoughts every day.” 8MG Healthcare

“Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects people. It’s a test that prepares you to be able to accomplish practically anything else in your life.” 8MG Healthcare

“Always remember that time passes, the moods pass, and you will return to your usual self soon.” 8MG Healthcare

“It may appear like you didn’t accomplish much today, but you’re tired out from what you are dealing with emotionally. Don’t give up!” 8MG Healthcare

“You aren’t nuts or crazy. You’re just ordinary people who happen to have a disease – that’s curable.” 8MG Healthcare

“Even though I am frequently in a state of despair, there is still peace, pure harmony, and song within me” 8MG Healthcare

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