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More often than not, patients look forward to ways they can salvage their condition in addition to prescriptions by their doctor. Complementing diabetes treatment would require getting natural medicines and getting the proper diet and other daily routines to maintain blood glucose levels. However, Home remedies should be done with relevant knowledge and adequate consultation with your doctor. When you engage in home remedies without a correct understanding of the effects of the medications, the risk of lowering the blood glucose level is high. As it was stated, it may be effective or not; endeavour to talk with your doctor about the pros and cons of complementary medicine and alternative medicine.

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally Without Medication

Diabetes is lifelong, as it affects blood sugar and insulin level fluctuations. Therefore, it requires regular monitoring even while the patient is at home. Home remedies use natural products, nutritional supplements, or physical measures to alleviate diseases.

In meeting the demands of diabetes, patients tend to use complementary medicine, which involves taking medication alongside conventional medicine; alternative medicine would mean taking medicine instead of traditional medicine. All of these health practices must be done under the doctor’s supervision. There are medically approved treatment and home remedy that helps to prevent diabetes or alleviate diabetes. Let us start from what is unknown to what is known. This would involve home remedies on what not to do, and they are;

Avoid refined sugar

Generally, glucose, when taken into the body and the body cell, provides resistance to insulin which handles the glucose and makes it available as energy for the body cell. So for one who is diabetic, avoidance of refined sugar is very important as the intake of it will cause an increase in blood glucose.

Genetically modified foods

Proper diabetes management would require you to maintain a healthy and balanced, fresh, and not foods that are processed. Limiting the intake of processed foods and sticking with fresh foods to maintain a healthy food diet.

Avoid alcohol

Carbohydrates are given out into the body system when beer is consumed. The resultant effect is glucose production, which can saturate the design and impact if not properly monitored. Therefore, a diabetic patient should avoid alcohol consumption, and if they are taking in alcohol, it should be done moderately as it does affect the pancreas.

Medically home remedies that would be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of diabetes include the following:

Use of Aloe Vera

The laxative effect of the Aloe Vera sap helps regulate the bowel’s movement and helps relieve constipation. The juice can be taken into the body to reduce the blood glucose level, which is helpful in the fight against diabetes. It also helps make the insulin quite sensitive to glucose and, as such, helps loosen or break down the amount of glucose in the blood.

Fibre and Barley are good ingredients to lower sugar level

It does this by reducing the amount of cholesterol which invariable maintain healthy blood glucose and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Presence of Chromium

Supplements containing chromium are helpful in their quest to combat diabetes. Glucose homeostasis(glucose regulation) is maintained as the chromium activates insulin receptors and makes them receptive to maintaining glucose balance in the blood.

Zinc supplements

Studies have shown that the use of zinc-containing substances impacts lipid metabolism(fats) and help keep glucose control regular. People usually with diabetes have shown they give out zinc excessively in the urine than the amount of zinc needed in the blood, which ought to be the reverse as more zinc should be present in the blood than it is given out of the body. So taking zinc in the diet can augment the zinc given off in the urine and, as such, should be encouraged even at home.

Use of cinnamon

It offers many medicinal purposes, and the prominent one is its ability to deal with diabetes. Cinnamon helps improve the digestive system, which directly links to diabetes. Once the tract is healthy, the tendency for excess glucose to be flushed out of the system is increased. It creates a stimulation for glucose consumption, thereby sensitizing insulin production by the pancreas to help process this glucose.

Weight controlling herbs

Some herbs are helpful in the control of consequences of individuals ranging from Chitosan, Garcinia cambogia (hydroxycitric acid), Pyruvate, Germander, Momordica charantia (bitter Chinese melon), and Sauropus androgynous (sweet leaf bush). One overweight person is prone to be diabetic, so these natural herbs are available to lower these tendencies.

Effectively managing blood glucose levels is essential in reducing the possibility of diabetes in the nearest future. One sure way to get that done is to ensure the insulin level is appropriate for the adequate and proper breakdown of glucose in the body cell. Another vital medication is metformin, as its impact on both diabetes is noticeable and acts on cardiovascular events, which may lead to diabetes. Glinides also help stimulate the pancreas to stimulate insulin, reducing blood glucose. The SGLT2 inhibitors help make glucose to be secreted through the urine. They do this function by inhibiting the return of glucose to the bloodstream. Another help is the use of GLP-1 receptor agonist. They function in such a way that as they are injected, they reduce the rate of digestion which invariably reduces blood glucose. These medications are known to have possible side effects, so continual consultation with your doctor on utilizing this home remedy is paramount to your longevity in the fight against diabetes.

 In sticking with home remedies even though medically approved, you must be careful in selecting materials with the inscription natural on them. Being realistic doesn’t automatically translate to being good. Endeavor to consult a doctor about any home remedy, drugs, or alternative, complementary medicine, and be sure it doesn’t interfere with your treatment to avoid causing complications.

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