Natural Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

Live performance in bed goes a long way in affecting an individual’s self-esteem, sexual confidence, and emotions. Stress, anxieties, health issues, and many more factors can affect the libido of a man or a woman as everyone is faced with one problem or the other. To keep the libido at its best or increase it, below are some natural ways to boost sexual life.

How to Improve Sex Drive

Stay in shape

At every start of a relationship, one of the determining factors is the body shape and stature. For a couple who have been together, overtime, noticeable changes begin to occur in both couples, such as the addition of a couple of pounds in the female due to childbirth, wrinkles and ageing lines on the faces of both partners, extra pounds around the stomach section of the man, stretch marks or birthing scars on the woman e.t.c. Begin to appear, and the couple begins to lose the initial flame of attraction. Staying in shape through daily exercises or healthy herbal teas would help immensely.

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Work on Your Mind and Notice Your Thoughts for Better Sex

the human mind is constructed such that it can give you a million and one reasons to make you feel inadequate in your sex life. It may tip you towards thinking you are undesirable because you are fat, ugly, or flawed. When such thoughts come, please do not allow them to linger. Instead, shun them by thinking on the brighter side of things and if such thoughts may be true, as long as it is adjustable or correctable, work on them, and you would begin to enjoy Sex with no inhibitions or feelings that put you on edge.

Move Your Body to Improve Your Sex Drive

Exercise, as mentioned, does a lot in helping keep the body in shape and helps keep the heart and blood vessels in proper flow conditions.

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Lubricants for Vaginal Dryness

Sex is usually more pleasurable when there is less friction between both sex organs. Getting a lubricant would do the job by ensuring no conflict and creating ease in penetration.


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Get enough sleep for good sexual relationships

Everyone gets tired at a point, and a good sleep or rest is a natural course that should follow. A night of good sleep is needed as it rejuvenates the body, and according to a review published in the journal Brain Research, sleeping elevates the level of male Testosterone.

Practice mindfulness and yoga

To enjoy Sex better, paying close attention to the moment is highly needed. All other thoughts need to be zoned out, with total concentration on the enjoyment of the moment and complete focus on your partner. Practising yoga would greatly help in achieving this. Yoga helps organize thoughts, concentrate on the moment, control breathing and get clear picture of what is being focused on. Yoga also helps relieve stress, straightening out body muscles and making them more flexible for movements and positions that make Sex more exciting and enjoyable.

Masturbate or Self-Stimulate for Better Sex

Certain touches and spots turn increase arousal levels in partners, and these spots are often left undiscovered. Self-stimulating or touching oneself once in a while would help discover these spots and should be discussed among partners to understand better and explore. Self-stimulating also helps women relax better and become more lubricated before Sex.

Make getting in the mood for sex a priority

Sex becomes a routine and boring when it is done for the sake of it, tired or not. Even when tired, getting in the mood for sex is very important. After a stressful day and the urge comes, do something relaxing and set the atmosphere so you and your partner can relax and let the mood flow naturally. You can freshen up, enjoy some chocolate or a glass of wine, give your partner light touches or massage, whisper sweet nothings to get in the mood and help your partner get in the mood also.

Consume natural aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are meant to boost the libido. The first part of this article listed natural aphrodisiacs that you can consume to help you increase sexual pleasures.

Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol affects sexual stimulation by interfering with the signals between the brains and genitals (Neurotransmitters). So also, the sexual experience will not be enjoyable due to the highness created by the level of alcohol intake. Therefore, reducing its intake would help reduce the interference rate between the brain and genital signals.

Make time for a date night

Dates, games, picnics, and vacations are not limited to the courtship and honeymoon phase. Amidst busy schedules, making time for a simple candle-lit dinner, a date at the movies, or even a weekend getaway to unwind once in a while to distress and get refreshed is highly recommended to boost sexual attraction and gives the couple more avenues to explore and make more memories.

Communicate more

In every flourishing relationship; there is effective communication. Discussing sexual desires, fantasies, and wants among couples is also a very effective way of having a top-notch sex life. This enables both partners to know which areas to improve, areas to tone down and regions to maintain in the sexual aspect of their relationship.

As individuals age, many responsibilities set in; schedules become tighter, and children come into the equation, giving the couple lesser time to spend together. Taking a little time off to practice the simple things listed above would help in improving a couple’s sexual relationship. Eventually, children will grow up and move out, retirement would inevitably come, and what would be left is the bond the couple have been able to create over the years.

Herbs For Sex Drive

  • Cloves.
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Nutmeg

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