Newborn Baby Kit: What You Need As A New Mother


Having a checklist for your newborn baby can help you prepare properly for your baby’s arrival. The following should be on your checklist for the early days with your newborn.

If you want to breastfeed your child, you should have a lot of bibs, burp cloths, and breast pumps, just in case you are not secreting breast milk well enough. Milk storage containers are also essential for storing breastmilk safely. You could also get a nursing pillow to help with your comfort. When buying nursing bras, one cup size larger than your bra size during pregnancy is advised to buy one cup size larger than your bra size as your breasts will be a lot bigger when breastfeeding. Adding breast pads, either washable or disposable ones, is necessary to the checklist because it helps avoid wet stains that could be pretty embarrassing on your cloth. You could also add lotion for sore nipples if you get sore nipples while breastfeeding.

If you consider formula feeding, your checklist should include lots of bibs like breastfeeding. Then also, add burp clothes, then be sure to add formula. Please always check the expiry date on the formula pack before buying.

As regards diapers, if you are using reusable cloth diapers, be sure to add several dozens of cloth or cloth or reusable diapers to your checklist. In addition, disposable wipes for cleaning babies’ bottoms should also be in bulk on your checklist.

Baby ointment or cream to prevent rashes should also be on your checklist. If you are using reusable diapers, be sure to add a few boxes of newborn size diapers, as buying a lot might not be a good idea as your baby grows quickly.

As for the clothing, you should have a mix of long and short sleeves nightgowns. Then, you could add stretch sleepers, and it is better to go for the ones with zippers. Finally, several pair of pants is advised to be added to the checklist.

Other clothing items to be added to the checklist include:

  • Several colored pairs of socks.
  • Baby mittens to stop the baby from scratching itself.
  • Cardigans or jackets.
  • Several dressing outfits.

The bath time checklist includes;

  • A plastic infant tub
  • Several washed clothes
  • Baby soap or cleanser
  • Baby soft-bristled hairbrush
  • Soft hooded towel

The bedtime checklist should include;

  • Approved crib or mattress
  • Several waterproof mattress covers
  • Several fitted crib sheet
  • Several light blankets can fit in the crib.
  • Sleepsack.

Other necessary items that can be added include;

  • Approves infant safety seat for car
  • Male clippers or scissors
  • Bulb syringe for suctioning mucus.
  • Baby thermometer
  • Medicine spoon
  • Baby monitor
  • A rocking chair for feeding and swaddling
  • A diaper bag.
  • A pacifier
  • Rattles and baby toys.
  • Night light.
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It could be exciting buying new stuff for your newborn baby, but some items could be unnecessary and could save you some cash; some of these items include:

  • Changing table: you probably want to carry your baby every time they get a dirty diaper, so you should buy a few change mats attached to the top of a low dresser as this would save you money than buying a changing table.
  • Baby food maker: a baby food maker can cost a lot and does not do anything special that your stove or regular blender cannot.
  • Wipe warmer: this is a luxury item or gadget designed to keep your baby wipes warm. A wipe warmer uses electricity, and it takes space.
  • Scratch mittens: scratch mittens are not necessary as putting on baby socks on their hand is even better and works fine.
  • A stroller: You are not advised to walk your baby in a stroller until they are more than six months and have developed good neck strength. It is better to hold on to buying a stroller and save cost.
  • Stuffed animals: stacking up toys /animals is unnecessary for the first year. Toys accumulate with time; it is not good to stock them up in the first year.


When making a newborn checklist, be sure to ask yourself what your baby needs in the first few weeks. This question is necessary because some parents want to go all out when buying baby products/gadgets, which could be unnecessary. It is better to stick with the basics. Some of the essential baby products for the first three months should include simple plain budget-friendly clothing as it is not necessary to buy fancy cloth and outfits. You will also need a soft outfit for easy dry cleaning. A few baby sleepers or sleep sack is essential. Be sure to also add several pairs of baby socks and hats. Doctors recommend wearing hats for babies as it keeps them warm.

Diapers are essential in a newborn’s checklist. It would be best to buy as many diapers as possible anytime you go shopping. The frequency of changing will determine how many diapers you will buy. You should also know that diapers should not be bought in excess as your baby grows quickly. Doctors recommend that you give your baby a sponge bath but should be at most three times a week until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off. Bathing your baby too often can dry out or even irritate their skin. You should add a baby sponge, hooded towels, baby bath wash, baby lotion, and baby bathtub to your essential checklist.

You should be careful to pick a baby-friendly soap and lotion when buying. Also, be sure to take note of your baby’s skin as know when it becomes sensitive to something, either the diapers, soap, or cream.

Another essential product or item to have is a first aid kit containing a nail clipper, digital thermometer, medicine dropper, and bulb syringe. It is not recommended that newborn babies receive pain relief medications until after three to six months, depending on the medicine and the doctor’s recommendation. Therefore, you can hold off buying pain relief medication in your first aid box or kit.


It is essential to take your time in drafting out a checklist for your newborn, as this would help you not forget the essential things needed to nurse your child. This proactive method also saves costs. A proper checklist or detailed checklist would make your shopping easier and help you focus on buying essential items. Remember that your child mainly needs a loving and attentive parent, and they will be happy with an essential checklist. You can always add more baby clothes and other products later on. Be sure to be healthy and happy during nursing your child.

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