16 Sex Tips For Couples |How To Spice Up Your Love Life

Enjoying sex as a couple is not limited to the coital part alone. The sexual bond that is created goes a long way in strengthening the relationship and retaining sexual attraction for years to come. Retaining the attraction requires a little extra effort. Some of them are discussed below.

Sex Tips For Couples

  • Engage in some PDA
  • Have Check-ins
  • Talk Dirty
  • Wear Nothing But Jewelry To Bed
  • Make Up Sex Names
  • Tease With Kisses
  • Live out your sexual fantasies
  • Be super impromptu
  • Pick different sex locations
  • Work it out
  • Wear that sexy lingerie
  • Use your hair
  • Make eye contact
  • Tease With Kisses
  • Find that spot
  • Reminisce about last night

While all these are great and can help with spice things up in the bedroom, having a good sex drive is a great topper as it can help one enjoy sex and feel confident with their partners especially if their partners also match their sex drive.

Here are sex tips to help spice up relationship.

Engage in some PDA

Sex Tips For Couples
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In this part of the world, engaging in a little bit of public display of affection is seen as taboo. This mentality has to be changed because a little touch between couples would not hurt. A little holding of hands, little kisses on the lips, neck bites, wrapping of arms around the waist, and so many more are effective actions that partners should normalize because these touches send a reassuring signal of acceptance to both partner’s minds.

Have check-ins

Just the way a periodical check is done in any relationship to know the progress, deficiencies, and inadequacies. Sexual dysfunction can lead to depression and anxiety, participate in sexual check-ins to know areas to improve, areas that prove to be a huge turn-on, and areas to improve are needed.

Sex Tips For Couples
Source: essence.com

Talk Dirty

Making erotic statements when in the mood and even out of a mood or whispering dirty words would make your partner know exactly what you want. Statements such as “spank me”, “touch me right there”, I want you in my mouth” and so on are perfect statements to practice. However, the tone of voice also matters. All relationships are different and it’s best if partners understand there there’s no normalcy; this can help you understand your relationship on a deeper and more personal level.

Wear Nothing But Jewelry To Bed

A huge turn on spot for everyone in the skin. Wearing only jewellery to bed for sex as a tease would do so well because the slightest graze of dangling earrings or a cold touch of the ankle/leg chain on the thigh would heighten the alertness of the sexual senses more than it already is.

Make Up Sex Names

Calling your partners by names people generally refer to them does not strike a chord as it would when you either call them by a name known only to you or you make up names. Calling your partner names such as hot stuff, sexy daddy, hot baby mama, and many more would strike a chord and ignite a hot session of passion.

Tease With Kisses

Sex Tips For Couples - Tease with kisses
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Leaving a trail of kisses from the crown of the head to sensitive spots in the body and giving hickeys (love bites) is a perfect turn-on.

Live out your sexual fantasies

Everyone has their dirty little sexual secrets. Normalize discussing sexual fantasies or wild imaginations as a couple and try to practice them to spice things up in the sex life and relationship at large.

Be super impromptu

Scheduling sex is never as fun and as exciting as impromptu or unplanned sex. Leave that cooking for a moment; leave that document for the moment to enjoy the passion and satisfy your sexual desire.

Pick different sex locations

Take sex out of the bedroom! That kitchen counter is not meant for decoration! That couch is not only meant to cushion butts! That car backseat is not meant only for sittings and putting car boosters for kids. The restroom is not only meant for doing personal business! Figure out its other sexual uses and make maximum use of them. Make memories that when you look at a particular spot in your house, the tingling feeling of what went down there would always remain in your loins. You do not need millions for a perfect vacation destination to enjoy sex. Changing your sex location is one step to enjoying sexual bliss.

Work it out

Sex during a workout session or exercise is usually very exciting and super hot; there is a connection between the hotness of breath, hot sweat from the workout, the sensitivity of the skin, and mad pumping of blood vessels that makes sex more desirable and much more erotic to enjoy.

Wear that sexy lingerie

Dressing sexy to bed is a plus point to enjoy sex. Get that sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie! Get that erotic stripper boxer out of your bottom closest to wear and seduce your partner. A little bit of role-playing does not hurt. Dress up the way your partner likes sexually to seduce him to a hot meal of sex.

Sends special delivery

This may sound extreme or corny but serving your partner a piece of your hot red panty with your sweet feminine smell before a meal or as dessert would leave your partner wanting to abandon the food in front of him or abandon that news channel to pounce on the fleshy food which is you.

Use your hair

Just the way you can use your jewellery as a teaser, locks or strands of your hair can also serve as a turn on the tool as they tease him and trail along his body.

Make eye contact

A very good way of sending a sexual signal is making direct eye contact with your partner and biting a part of your lips with a teeny tiny wink would do in arousing the sleeping sexual monster in your partner.

Find that spot

Take your time to explore your partner’s body and locate that turn on spot. It could be nibbling on the earlobe, hot breaths on the skin around the neck area, sucking on the nipples, grazing the skin on the back with your fingers, or trailing your fingers along the thighs. Explore, find that spot and drive your partner into a sexual frenzy that could make him or her cum fast and hard and still not get enough of you. 16.

Reminisce about last night

Throw good comments when conversing with your partner about the last time you had sex. Tell him or her how much you enjoyed how he gave you head, how she gave a blow job, how wet she was, how hard he was, how sexy he or she is. By doing so, you send an indirect message to your partner that says ‘I still want you’, ‘I love you, ‘I cannot get enough of you’, ‘I value you and so many more messages of reassurance.


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